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Our main objective in services is to keep you going at all times with a minimum  loss of time in ships operational capabilities.  

Therefore our motto is: WE TAKE CARE OF YOUR REPAIR.  

A well known understanding in the ship repair business. Since Frans Loenen founded our company in 1983 this understanding many times implemented into a  great number of the  many ports this world offers us.

From a company of just a few men steadily grew into the present size of the number of twenty dedicated craftsmen.
From a very well equipped workshop and our dedicated workforce, trucks, mobile welding generators, auxiliary equipment and a 24/7 availability we can offer you the following services.  

  • Port Repairs.

  • Voyage repairs.

  • Ballast water treatment systems.

  • Industrial maintenance and repairs.

  • Industrial new build projects.

  • Technical assistance.

  • Safety equipment.

  • Supply.